Wake up. Live.

31. srpna 2018 v 2:04 | Autor tentokrat anglicky |  Básně
I got to wake up today,
I got to be a man.

I have things to do,

In the morning put a mask on,
carry on.

Survive another day,
live fully for the others.

Be yourself,
work hard,
spend money,
live fully.

Fuck you all.
All of you.
The whole world.
That's fucking expecting something from me.

I am happy to be here,
even though I don't want to.

Leave me be,
let me leave.

I want to be happy,
just for another day.

No routine,
just happiness.

The fleeting moment of belonging,
the wonders of simple human touch,
the sense of future,
that can be lived.

Not just survived.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

There's nobody to be loved.

There is no reason.

To see tomorrow.

I will be there. But not me. Just my shell. Without a soul. Left to spend the day here, among you. While I will be free. Somewhere.

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