Loneliness and Darkness

23. listopadu 2016 v 2:26 | Author is in dark place |  Básně
loneliness and darkness,
humor me one day,
kill me the next,
ways out are closed,
hidden in own head,
under cover in some bed,
by living,
sleeping and eating,
the path is no more,
no way,
other than back,
back to the start of it all,
earths rotation,
suns travels in space,
no undoing on that,
you gotta live,
or not,
no expectations holds you anymore,
no teachers,
no grades,
no friends,
no parents, nobody can tell you what to do,
you see past their masks,
by their fears,
by their own darkness,
you see the hell we have created,
calling it heaven,
hoping for green pastures,
we have burned the ground,
fearing the future,
killing the present,
wishing for past,
no signs pointing,
in better or worse direction,
nobody has a clue,
how to live,
everybody dies,
mostly unhappy,
if you wish for the same,
do the same,
I may be lonely and in dark place,
yet in the pain and suffering,
i live,
not strive, not happy,
yet feeling alive,
as because of night you see sun,
because of darkness,
i see light in others,
as because of pain,
i can help,

just not myself.

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